Renewal Made Tangible

I toured the Pleasantville construction sites last week. After three years of reviewing architects’ renderings, financial projections, and construction plans—three years of wondering if the reality would match the dream—it was an incredibly exciting day.

The new Environmental Center buildings are rising from the ground in a beautiful combination of stone and cedar that blends seamlessly with both the stone of Paton House and the wooded area that the new Environmental Center occupies. The two buildings that have been framed and clad bring a tangible reality to those renderings, projections, and plans, a reality that exceeded my expectations.

 That reality makes it possible to more clearly imagine the major changes that will be finished this summer and next year. Most of the other sites are currently holes in the ground; including the site of Alumni Hall—the new residence hall that will frame the campus green stretching to the front of the new entrance to the Kessel Student Center—and the site of the old Environmental Center that will contain the second new residence hall. But with the Environmental Center as a guide and some imagination, every hole becomes a beautiful building bustling with student life. I can almost see the campus green, Alumni Hall, and the new Kessel shining in the sun.

 This project is a great tribute to years of hard and imaginative work by so many committed people—including our architects, construction manager, regulatory consultants, and others—under Bill McGrath’s superb leadership. While construction has just begun, it will move quickly and it will truly usher in a new era for Pace in Westchester County.