Post Election Reflection

The election has revealed to many of us the depth of the divisions in this country, divisions that may not be apparent to those who live on the coasts and work in a community as diverse as Pace. Despite these divisions, let us remember that the first three words of the United States Constitution are “We the people,” and checks and balances exist to ensure that our government serves all its citizens regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, age, or religious affiliation.

At Pace we are proud of our commitment to diversity and inclusion and will continue to create environments where academic and student life thrive for all students, faculty, and staff. Pace, is, and will remain, an institution that welcomes intelligent discussion and debate on the most important social issues of our day, and we will continue to address these topics in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for all.

Let us also remember extensive scholarship and employment data has made it clear that higher education, at least a bachelor’s degree, is for most people a precondition for the availability of good jobs and the opportunity for advancement and success in professional life. Pace provides that opportunity to thousands of students who make up the aspiring heart of America. I have been saying for years that our mission is critical to the international competitiveness of America. The election has made it clear that it is also essential to the rebuilding of the sense of community in our country, the sense that we share common values and aspirations, and that all of us stand at the starting line well-prepared for life.

You should all be proud of your role in this mission, and we need to redouble our efforts to make Opportunitas a reality for every student.